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Signs Of A Wisdom Tooth Infection

The issue with a wisdom tooth is that its positioning can make it difficult to clean. It takes up a small amount of space in the back of the mouth because a person’s mouth isn’t big enough to accommodate the wisdom tooth. This causes eruption and impact, meaning your neighbouring teeth could be in danger.

When a wisdom tooth is in this position, it can increase the risk of a wisdom tooth infection, which may possibly penetrate into the gums too. Wisdom tooth infection is a sign indicating wisdom teeth removal treatment.

So, how do you know if you’re showing signs of wisdom tooth infection?

Here are five of the main signs.

Girl hold a tooth while make a reaction that she had pain in her teeth

Jaw Stiffness And Sensitivity

If you’re suffering from stiffness when opening and closing your mouth, it is a sign that your wisdom tooth is infected. The pain can be light or severe at any time.


One sign that may be unexpected, but your body naturally responds if you’re suffering from a wisdom tooth infection that can cause you to have a fever. It is a clear indication of an infection. Therefore, wisdom teeth could be the cause of this. The dentist will identify this, but it is a more than likely cause.


Toothache can be a throbbing constant pain that is typically on the inside of your wisdom tooth. When this happens, it is a sign of an infection. The pain may also be dull or intense. There is no telling of this unless you visit the dentist.

Bad Breath

If you performs strong oral hygiene, but you continue to have a bad odour in the mouth, this is a sign of an infection in the tooth or gums. The bad odour will leave a salty-type smell and won’t go away unless the infection is treated.

Man had pain in his teeth while he put his hand to his mouth

Swollen Or Painful Gums

Although an infection stems from the wisdom tooth, this doesn’t mean your gums out of danger. The wisdom tooth infection can penetrate from the wisdom and towards your gums. This may cause your gums to show signs of swelling, and will be painful when you press on it with a toothbrush.

Are you showing one of these signs? The wisdom tooth could be infected and is a bigger sign that you need to get the infection removed as the infection can penetrate to your neighbouring teeth and gums, meaning expensive emergency treatment to restore your smile.

If you’re showing one of these signs of wisdom tooth infection, it is a sign that you need to get your wisdom tooth removed as soon as possible. Do it with us at Melbourne Wisdom Teeth. Head to or call 03 9052 4422.