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5 Signs Of Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment

Are you feeling some sharp sensitivity in the mouth? If you do, then this could be a sign that you have a wisdom tooth and is one of some signs of wisdom teeth removal treatment that needs to be administered. Wisdom teeth are common during human development, and it is important that they are addressed accordingly to avoid it impacting the alignment of your neighbouring teeth.

Visiting the dentist for a check-up would be a good first step to determine the progression of the molar. Let’s breakdown the signs of wisdom teeth removal treatment being required.

Girl hold a tooth while make a reaction that she had pain in her teeth

Sensitivity In The Back Of The Mouth

The sensitivity you experience in the back of the mouth can be light, severe or a throbbing pain. You will feel sensitivity, whether you brush, floss, eat or when doing nothing at all, because the sensitivity is predictable. Scheduling an appointment the dentist is the first thing to do as soon as you’re experiencing pain.

Jaw Stiffness

As wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they can push your neighbouring teeth in a different direction. Sometimes, the pressure can cause the teeth to shift, causing discomfort and stiffness in the jaw. The pain can continue, meaning you’ll struggle to open your mouth to eat and talk.

Sensitive Gums

Wisdom teeth can also cause your gums to become sensitive to hold and cold temperatures and pressure. This can cause soreness and a tenderness feeling when you brush your teeth. This may also cause an infection in the future. Therefore, it is wise to get your wisdom teeth removed.

Tooth Infections

Wisdom teeth increase the chances of tooth and gum infection because the wisdom tooth hasn’t grown properly. Bacteria can penetrate the affected area, causing infection. If they’re frequent, it is a sign you need wisdom tooth removal treatment before it gets worse.

Man had pain in his teeth while he put his hand to his mouth

Neighbouring Teeth Suffering From Decay

If neighbouring teeth are showing signs of decay, it is likely to be due to the wisdom tooth. This could be because of the lack of space between the molar and the neighbouring tooth, which could cause food debris to become stuck, making it difficult to clean. If dental plaque begins to build up, this is the first sign of decay. The decay can get worse and cause a dead tooth.

If you’re showing one of these signs of wisdom teeth removal, it is a sign that you need to get your wisdom tooth removed as soon as possible. Do it with us at Melbourne Wisdom Teeth. Head to or call 03 9052 4411.