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Recover Fast From Wisdom Tooth Removal

One of the more frustrating things about wisdom teeth removal aftercare is how long recovery takes. It is natural for people to be free from pain as fast as possible, and going about your daily life too quickly can cause further complications.

Therefore, rest is a pivotal step when it comes to wisdom teeth removal recovery. If you do not take proper care with wisdom teeth removal recovery, then it will be slower, leading to more frustration and complications such as dry socket and infection.

Wisdom teeth removal recovery is considered more pivotal than the procedure itself because the success of it depends on how well you heal. Therefore, to recover fast, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to follow.

Girl is smiling while she hold a white tooth

What You Should Do

  • Bite down a gauze pad on top of the affected area to stem the bleeding and to produce the blood clot

  • Take prescribed medication from your dentist and take them on time

  • Keep your head elevated during sleep and throughout the day

  • Eat softer foods as part of a balanced diet that is easy to chew

  • Avoid consuming sugars and starch foods

What You Shouldn’t Do

  • Smoke cigarettes and chew tobacco as these are dangerous to your teeth and gums and slow recovery

  • Drink hot beverages such as coffee

  • Eat or drink around the affected area as this can cause dry socket or the blood clot can become dislodged

  • Open and close your mouth frequently

  • Bite down on hard surfaces or use teeth as an opening weapon as this can slow down recovery
Someone had pain in his teeth while he is putting his hand on his mouth

Ultimately, you want to ensure that you limit mouth functioning during wisdom teeth removal recovery. The dentist usually uses anaesthesia or other numbing medication which will eventually subside shortly after the procedure. Therefore, you’ll need to follow these Do’s and Don’ts for a swift recovery.

Some of the Don’ts might seem difficult to complete, but, ultimately, faster recovery is a smoother recovery. You want to ensure that there are no complications because this can lead to further oral health complications that may prove irreversible and expensive.

If you continue to experience difficulties during wisdom teeth removal recovery, consulting the dentist is the right thing to do. Head to or call 03 9052 4422.