What to eat and how long to wait after wisdom teeth removal?

  • On the day of your wisdom teeth surgery, please avoid hot foods that will prolong bleeding.  
  • Soft and cold foods (such as ice cream, milkshakes, puddings, and yogurt) are the best.  
  • Over the next several days you can gradually introduce coarse/sold foods to your meal. 
  • Limit your chewing to areas away from the surgical sites.  
  • Do not to skip meals (regular nourishment will help you will feel better with less discomfort).
  • Avoid small particle foods like nuts, seeds, and popcorn which may get lodged in the sockets.
  • Drink plenty of fluids from a glass (do not use a straw as extraction site healing can be disturbed dislodging the blood clot).  
  • High calorie, high protein intake is especially important. 
  • If diabetic, maintain your normal eating habits as much as possible and follow instructions from your physician regarding your insulin schedule.
  • Please note that after general anaesthetic or I.V. sedation, liquids should be taken at first.
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