How much does wisdom teeth removal cost in Australia?

Generally, wisdom tooth removal cost ranges from $200 to $700, depending on the severity and complexity of the impacted tooth. The overall cost of your wisdom teeth surgery depends on the below factors:

  • The number of wisdom teeth to be removed
  • The position of wisdom teeth (this determines the extent of surgery)
  • The types of sedation that will be used during the procedure (the higher the level of sedation, the higher the cost will be)

In most cases, the average cost of wisdom teeth removal is about $1,800. Wisdom teeth surgery involves the removal of up to 4 wisdom teeth while under gas sedation.

Remember that the cost of wisdom teeth surgery depends on whether your wisdom teeth are severely impacted. The level of impact affects the price of wisdom tooth removal. Aside from that, the cost may also vary depending on the alignment of your wisdom teeth.

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