How long to wait before smoking after wisdom teeth removal?

You should stop smoking for at least five days following wisdom teeth removal. This is because smoking can impair the healing process, dislodge the blood clot at the wound, and lead to a common complication named dry socket.

Dry socket is common complication (especially following wisdom teeth removal) that can develop when the blood clot in the healing socket becomes dislodged or dissolves, leaving the bone and nerve exposed to the air, food and germs in your mouth.  Dry socket is usually associated with severe pain that lasts for 5-6 days.

You are advised to ensure a soft food diet and avoid using straws and smoking cigarettes to minimise your chance of disturbing the blood clot and to give your mouth time to heal.

Furthermore, smoking constricts blood vessels which will then deliver less oxygen and nutrients to the wound are. Less oxygen and fewer nutrients will prolong the healing time and increase the risk of infection.

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