How long does wisdom teeth surgery take?

Wisdom teeth removal surgery may involve one or all four wisdom teeth, which will normally influence the length of the procedure. Once anaesthesia is given and you are numb, it would approximately take 1-1.5hrs for all four wisdom teeth depending on the complexity of the case.

A single tooth should take no longer than 20-30mins. If the procedure was done under local anaesthesia then you can go home soon after the procedure is completed. If it is done under General Anaesthesia, the recovery time is longer and you may have to wait for a while after the procedure is completed before you can leave and will need someone to accompany you back home; If required, you may have to stay in the hospital overnight.

You’ll be pleased to know that wisdom teeth removal is not painful and we provide sedation dentistry allowing you to sleep throughout the procedure.

If you are considering wisdom tooth removal and would like to know more about the length of time for wisdom teeth surgery contact our team today.

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